Tile Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Allied Carpet Care specializes in indoor and outdoor tile and grout cleaning. With our Southern humidity, it can be very tough to maintain tile and grout, especially outdoors. Our equipment can handle the toughest jobs and make your tile look like new.

All tile and stone grout lines have a porous surface making it nearly impossible to clean without the use of professional equipment. If you have ever attempted to clean them yourself you know what we mean; the soils and dirt are embedded into the grout. You work and work to no avail, the grime will not budge, it’s a cleaning nightmare.

The issue is not your willingness to get your tile clean. The nature of this type of flooring dictates that very hot steam, the right cleaning solution, tile brushes, and powerful truck mount system be combined to accomplish the task at hand.

Allied Carpet Care is equipped with the right tools, cleaning solution and knowledge needed to do the job right. Our 8 step tile cleaning process is designed with all this in mind:

8-Step Tile Cleaning Process

  1. Pre-Inspection: We will walk with you and note any concern areas and answer any questions you may have.
  2. Soil removal: All loose dirt and particles are removed from your flooring prior to cleaning.
  3. Surface preparation: We move your small furniture out of the way and cover all surfaces that require protection.
  4. Preconditioning: An industry leading tile cleaning solution is applied to your flooring and proper dwell time is observed. Edges and grout lines are agitated with our special tile brush to ensure soils are loosened for removal.
  5. Deep Cleaning: We use our high-pressure high-heat tile cleaning rotary tool, backed by our powerful truck mounted system. All embedded soils and grime will be absorbed and your tile will look as good as new.
  6. Drying and sealing: High-speed fans will be used to speed up the drying process. A high quality sealer will be applied to form a protective barrier, ensuring a long lasting clean grout line.
  7. Buffing: Depending on type of tile, we will buff your floors for an even and clean feeling surface.
  8. Post-Inspection: We invite inspect your floors and will answer any questions you may have.